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We "Members" Shall;

abide strictly by the "BRUFA Constitution:'

be obliged to promptly settle all fees due to the "Association";

appoint two "Accredited Representatives" of their companies to the "Association"

be obliged to send an "Accredited Representative" to attend annual conferences of the "Association";

be obliged to respond to all surveys initiated by the Administrator and sub-committee;

be obliged to settle accounts to "Members"

be obliged to settle any dispute to "Members" promptly'

Endeavour to work closely with "Members" by :- 
   looking into possibility to switch over all existing business to "Member"
Consigning free-hand consignment only to "Members"
Honouring routing orders by "Members"
directing new sales leads to "Members" only'
promptly working and reporting on progress of sales leads given by "Members"

assist to introduce potential members to the "Association";

be obliged to support the development of a common communication network.


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